My name is Jeremy Reid.  I specialize is building the finest custom 1911's that I can offer my clients.  To me this means that form will always follow function.  My main focus is to build a gun that will be reliable and perform well under any circumstance.  After I have built a gun to perform as well as possible, I put the same effort into making the gun look like a world class Custom 1911.  

Aside from building 1911's I also compete in USPSA, which is a form of action pistol shooting.  This gives me a chance to test my guns under a great deal of circumstances.  Shooting the number of rounds I do every year through my guns also helps influence how I build them.  As a competitive shooter I have become a GM in the Single Stack division, and have placed in the top 16 at the USPSA Nationals, at the 2014 IPSC World Shoot I came in 6th place in Classic (Single Stack) division.  In 2017 I was fortunate enough to be able to represent the US at the IPSC World Shoot in Classic Division.  As a team we were fortunate enough to win the Gold, and I placed 5th individually.

Reliable Performance