1911 RYO - Build Class

My next 1911 build class is going to be November 11, 2024.  If you're interested in more information about this, please send me an email.

It is a 6 day class, in my shop.  Building a 5" 1911 in 45 ACP.  

Reliable Performance

Welcome to Reid Pistolsmithing


I am no longer accepting commissioned builds.

However, I hope that that means I will have more guns available for purchase in the future.  I am simply going to be building guns and then offering them for sale once they are complete.  I believe this will allow me greater control to build a better product.

I am a one man shop specializing in handcrafted 1911's.

If you are interested in any more details about a build or just have a question, please feel free to contact me.  

The absolute best way to get ahold of me is email.  You can reach me at reidpistolsmithing@gmail.com.